Art Print

Art Print

2020 – Official Art print

The 2020 commemorative art print was created by Chase Mullen, who was commissioned to create this year’s art print. Mullen is a native of Baton Rouge and an avid runner. 



Chase Mullen  was raised in Louisiana, taking on an early fascination with the natural world. Growing up, Chase collected wildlife encyclopedias and biology textbooks, which would serve as inspiration for his earliest creative efforts. Today, Mullen’s paintings are a contemporary take on southern wildlife and culture, heavily influenced by antique field guides and early scientific illustration. Using a realist painting technique, Mullen’s works draw attention to anatomy and to the juxtaposition of the environment, both organic and man-made. There is an underlying tension of balance through transition. The artist carefully contextualizes natural history to convey underlying themes of nature, culture, and place.

Since Mullen’s debut solo exhibition, held in the gallery room of the Louisiana State Archives, his work has been exhibited in group shows in Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and internationally. His paintings are part of various private collections across the world.




The Louisiana Marathon 2020 Limited Edition Commemorative Art Print produced by
Chase Mullen is available in a print-run of 300 numbered pieces:

      Art Print // $35

      Numbered + Signed Art Print  // $75

Pick up your limited edition commemorative art print at the Official Louisiana Marathon Gear Shop at The Expo on Friday and Saturday, at the Finish Festival on Sunday, or online at after the event. 

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