Course Safety



The Louisiana Marathon® has added an additional layer of safety for race participants running the half and full marathons.  First Responders and Emergency Personnel will have access to a Medical QR Code™ that is printed on your race bib and provided by RunnersHealth™.  This information is safe, secure and can be used to help save your life in case of an emergency.

Your race bib will have a Medical QR Code that is only accessible to emergency personnel which links to this information.   After the race your information can no longer be accessed with this QR Code.  You will receive emails from RunnersHealth asking you to complete your Medical information on their site.  This is an approved message and is done for your safety. RunnersHealth on Facebook

Click Here to Watch a Video Demonstrating Medical QR Codes 

Verify or Add Information to Your RunnersHealth™ Profile

Simply follow the link below and complete these easy steps:

  • Emergency Contacts – Be certain to enter multiple Emergency contacts
  • Allergies to Medications, foods or things like bee stings
  • Medications you may be taking
  • Medical Conditions that could compromise emergency treatment

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Event Alert System (EAS) // Emergency Action System

The Louisiana Marathon utilizes a color-coded Event Alert System (EAS) for our races that communicate the status of course conditions on race day. The levels range from Low (green) to Moderate (yellow) to High (red) to Extreme (black) based on the weather, security measures and other course conditions. On race day, the current EAS status will be communicated via color-coded flags at the start and finish areas and along the course at each medical station.

All participants should familiarize themselves with the EAS prior to the race, remain alert for directions from race officials, and take precautions to prepare properly for varying weather or course conditions on race day.  Signage explaining the EAS will be available at the EXPO. 

Medical Support

Each medical tent will be staffed with teams of medical professionals, and equipped with emergency equipment and supplies. The Main Medical Tent is located just past the finish line.

Aid Stations & EMS

Medical personnel will be stationed at each aid station along the racecourse to monitor and treat any athlete who is injured or in distress. Aid stations contain first aid personnel, portable toilet facilities, water, electrolyte drinks & energy gels. Local EMS units will also be providing medical support throughout the race courses on both days.

Performance Recovery Zone​

The Performance Recovery Zone will be located just past the Finish Line near the entrance of the Finish Festival. This performance recovery tent will be dedicated to treating non-emergency conditions, but rather helping runners recover from their run (e.g., we will be treating blisters, athletes in need of ice, etc.).

Only those participants (and spectators) requiring recovery assistance may access this designated area.

Family Relations Tent

This tent is an area for family/friends to inquire about the health status of a runner. Due to medical confidentiality, medical personnel cannot provide medical information on a runner unless the runner provides oral permission to the designated person(s) or if the runner has provided race organizers with an emergency contact person(s).